A journey into a deeper understanding of how you come to pleasure and intimacy

Of all the things I have ever studied…

Of all the growth I have ever experienced...

Understanding my own body.... my desire, my pleasure… has been the MOST transformational.

    With the tools you’ll learn in this course, you’ll have the confidence, clarity and actionable steps to make this area of your life whatever you want it to be.


    I want you to stand in your truth. With my support, you will enjoy a deeper understanding of how YOU come to pleasure and intimacy. “Unstuck Your SëX can start transforming your life now because it’s tailored to your needs. How we come to pleasure and passion is different for all of us!

    What to expect...

    • Training Videos and Written Content

      You'll get access to new videos and written content over the 6 month duration of the course. 

    • Private Facebook Group

      Get on-going support and enjoy an amazing community of like-minded people in a private Facebook group.

    • Group Coaching Calls

      Enjoy twice monthly group coaching calls to make sure you are on the right path and stay focused where you need to be.

    What you will learn...

    • Module 1

    • Module 2


      • An overview of what you’ll learn and how to take action
      • Using easy wins to accelerate your erotic transformation
      • Understanding empathy as your best support for radical transformation
      • Connecting with yourself (and your partner)
    • Module 3


      • Discover the 5 Sexuality Stages, 5 Erotic Types and 4 fundamental pathways that could enhance (or destroy) your sexual health and pleasure
      • Begin to map your Core Erotic Blueprint™ and open to orgasmic vitality
      • Clarify where you need to focus your energies to attain greater levels of erotic fulfillment
      • Find deeper connection and mutual fulfillment by gaining empathy for other people’s pleasure map
    • Module 4


      • Become an erotic detective, sleuthing your way to love making mastery
      • Practice touch and talk games to determine your own or someone else’s Blueprint in the course of an evening!
      • Secrets to interviewing and observing others so you determine what erotic techniques would turn them on the most
      • An introduction to turn on techniques for all 5 Blueprint Types
    • Module 5


      • Get the touch you crave: Live demonstrations of erotic play for each Blueprint Type
      • Skills for flirting and seducing in the Blueprints
      • Learn to articulate your sexual needs and get them fed and fulfilled
      • Gain confidence that you can satisfy a lover like never before
    • Module 6


      • Confidently speak the most arousing words inside and outside the bedroom
      • More than words: Use congruent body language destined to turn up the crave
      • Play a special game to uncover the hottest words for your own or a lover’s arousal
      • Whispering, emailing or sexting the right word and phrases to make a lover hunger for you
    • Module 7


      • Healing the shadow of your Blueprint opens you to more pleasure and more connection
      • Create deeper erotic freedom when you uncover the roots of any blocks you have
      • Take steps to overcome and breakthrough physical, emotional, biochemical or energetic obstacles that hold you back
      • Transform your biggest obstacles into your deepest pathways for pleasure
    • Module 8


      • Expand your palette and discover erotic satisfaction you didn’t know possible
      • Increase your (and your lover’s) satisfaction by learning to play in the Blueprints
      • Gain easier access to orgasm, orgasmic states and superpower sex skills
      • Get on the path to Erotic Mastery
    • Module 9


      • Get the plan to have a thriving, hot sexuality for the rest of your life
      • Learn the secrets for a life of lasting passion, ravishment, connection and crave
      • Couples: Learn what you need to keep it hot for a lifetime
      • Singles: learn the pleasure pathway to have an empowered sexual journey
      • Celebrate your Erotic Evolution as we complete the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course!
    • Module 10


      • Practical application of everything you've learned, designed just for YOU!

    Have you considered what brings you pleasure and intimacy?
    Would you love to have the answer?

    ​A deeper understanding of yourself is within reach!

    Course starting: Jan 10th, 2022
    You will receive access to regular videos, handouts with key concepts and clear action steps, and twice monthly group calls with Lea to help tailor the content specifically to you.

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    6 Month Payment Plan Option

    6 Month Unstuck Your Sx Course
    2 Calls Per Month

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    One Time Payment

    w/BONUS private call with me ($500 value)​

    6 Month Unstuck Your Sx Course
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    Hi. I'm Lea Newman.

    What People Have to Say About Working With Lea:

    First off anytime Lea introduces a new modality I’m always a hell yes. Lea is outstanding at holding space and oozes support and the least judgemental person I know.

    I just ended a 29- year toxic relationship. I hadn’t dated since my divorce and I wanted to
    explore and understand myself more before I jumped into dating.

    Women get so busy that we forget who we are and lose our femininity. I learned to pay more attention and sink into my senses and surroundings and wow did life gets more interesting in my everyday life. I had more gratitude and I saw more beauty in general. I examined my stories I had attached to sexuality and found out that many weren’t serving me and were keeping me stuck.

    I think this should be a must for those in a long term relationship or marriage. There are no right or wrong answers just curiosity and learning about yourself and your partner. It would be an EXCELLENT communication skill in the bedroom because it takes out judgment and is just about personal preference.

    I’m the person who wants to have all the right answers and the Erotic Blueprint makes one curious, playful, and fun. There are no right answers. This gives me freedom and permission to explore. That alone was worth the price of the class!

    This was a permission slip that took away the judgment and an excellent
    communication skill between partners that is just information instead of whoa you’re into the freaky shit!


    When I started with Lea I was lost and frustrated about my sex life and my love relationships. I thought something was wrong with me or I just wasn't deserving of having a ton of pleasure in my life.


    When I was introduced to Lea I was fascinated by her grounded sensuality and how comfortable she was in her body. I wanted to feel that way too, so I signed up to work with her. I was really changed in our sessions by her ability to drop in and to face the challenges I brought head on with deep compassion and fierceness. I felt held and so accepted that I got to blossom into my true nature and experience so much more pleasure and self love.


    I would say that this has been my biggest needle mover to seeing my own beauty. My happiness and ability to give back in my work has doubled since finishing with her.

    Marya H

    When I began Erotic Blueprint with Lea I was coming out of another program that helped me clear a lot of old programming and in the process I uncovered layers of shame and confusion about my sexuality, my desires, and dissatisfaction with my romantic life. 


    Working with Lea I gained so much clarity about myself! I learned about my sexual style, how to understand other’s styles, how to ask for what I want, and how to communicate across different styles. In this process I healed the shame and confusion around sex and desire that I had been carrying for years.  It’s given me so much more confidence in and out of the bedroom. 


    Turns out I’m ALL the blueprints which explained why I had been confused in the past. I need variety and now I understand that’s amazing, it doesn’t make me “too much” like I thought before working with Lea. I’m now in a place of power with my sexuality. I know what I want and how to ask for it. I also know how to care for myself when I’m not with a partner.


    Lea creates a beautiful, safe container during her coaching that allows for juicy curiosity and vulnerability. She’s a powerhouse that can be gentle and encouraging when needed, and she’s been a swift kick in the ass when I needed that, too.  I love working with Lea and highly recommend her programs and the communities she creates.

    Amanda M

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